Fifth Graders Reflect on the Importance of Veggies

Our 5th Graders at H.B. Wilson recently made Beet Hummus together. That day they learned that red foods are especially good for our hearts. And, although, the reaction to beets was varied, all of the students pushed themselves to try a new food. Afterwards they were asked a simple question: Do you think eating fruits and vegetables is important? Here are some of their answers:

  • Jonathan says, “I know that some foods give you good eyesight while others give you strength. Why you exersize and eat healthy every day [is so that] you get stronger and stronger”
  • Al-Fatihah adds, “Healthy food can make you strong because it has vitamins in them.”
  • Terrell shares, “One thing I know about healthy foods is that they help you grow.” What a great analogy to gardening!
  •  Troy very simply puts it: “It keeps you healthy.”

and finally,

  • Qua’Niya shares: “Eating vegetables is good for you because you will be healthy and more active all day.”




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