Family Food Traditions


At the end of today’s cooking lesson, I posed a question to H.B. Wilson’s 5th Grade Class: Do you have any family food traditions?

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Find Thanksgiving Recipes Here

Most of the students fondly recalled Thanksgiving dinners.

  • Makayla says, “For Thanksgiving, my family brings food from everywhere so we all can share.”
  • Darnell shares that he eats collard greens every Thanksgiving.
  • Amiran’s mom always “makes turkey, potatoes, and cabbage.”
  • Yamilet’s mom “makes the best cranberry sauce ever!”Image result for banana pudding
  • Finally, Mariyah explains her Thanksgiving tradition: “I go to my grandma’s house and my grandma makes delicious banana pudding. It’s everybody’s favorite, especially the vanilla pudding. It’s so good! Every Thanksgiving we go over there and celebrate!

Other students shared memories of other holidays.

  • Qua’Niya says that her family makes “a special dish called taco salad mostly on Christmas. But on birthdays my family makes homemade pizza.”
  • Benaiah’s mom “makes me a great oatmeal cake on my birthday because it’s a family tradition from our ancestors.”

One student, Correna, wanted to share the tradition of her dad celebrating their African heritage:

Image result for cassava leaves african
Check Out a Recipe Here
  • “My dad makes [Cassava] leaves every two weeks and it tastes amazing. My dad is from Africa and he makes a lot of amazing foods. He used peanut butter and palm oil. Also, he uses fried salmon and gets the [Cassava] leaves from local African stores. You can look it up and try it, too!”

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