Will Kids Eat Kale?

One of the most joy-filled aspects of my service is figuring out how to engage those “picky eaters”. Parents and teachers often tell me that their students refuse to eat veggies at home or on their lunch plate. I get it. Kids see something unusual and the immediate reaction is disgust. But, in my classes, I constantly challenge this mindset.

After growing it in the garden or cooking their own meal, I found that students are much more willing to try new foods. So, that it is what we did in our 5th Grade Class at H.B. Wilson. The students made a simple Massaged Kale Salad and recorded their reactions to it.

One student made a visual recipe to follow

The majority of students (16-3) loved or liked our kale salad recipe. And, all it took was engaging them in the cooking process! Here are some of the comments made about it:

“I loved the Kale! It was delicious!”-Brianna


“We tried [kale] inside [with lemon and salt]. I didn’t like it because I could barely taste anything”-Niyah


“I am trying kale. I love it!”-Makayla


“Today we [tried kale]. It was awesome and I loved it!”-Latasia


“We tried [Kale] and I loved it and it was my favorite and I will try to make this [at] home but my mom might ‘are you trying to kill me?!’ then she might be playing around and I really loved this!”-Jahmere


Try it with your kids at home! Tag me on Twitter and let me know what they thought of it! @Camden_CFET


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